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"The Beastie Book" cover

"The Beastie Book" by Penny Harter, cover

Not only did I purchase Penny Harter’s newest children’s book The Beastie Book, An Alphabestiary to give as a gift, but I also bought one for myself!  That’s how special I found this delightful flight into the fanciful world of Penny Harter’s enchanting beastie creations!

The Beastie Book is a 56-page, hardcover, full-color book published by Shenanigan Books and measures approximately 11-1/4″ high by 8-3/4 ” wide.

Penny Harter

Penny Harter

How fortunate I felt to have the chance to view a proof of Penny’s book in October, 2009, when she and I both attended the Seabeck Haiku Getaway, sponsored by the great poets of Haiku Northwest.

I was immediately engaged by Penny’s poetic portrayal of each imaginary beastie, and I know readers young, old, and in-between will be as thoroughly delighted by her beasties as I was.

There’s one beastie for each letter of the alphabet. You and your young ones will become acquainted with such creatures as Floatkin and his soap bubble rides,  Iffenproof who lives on the moon, and picnic-loving Rumpulus with his insatiable appetite.

Naia with the printer's proof of "The Beastie Book" by Penny Harter

Perusing a proof of "The Beastie Book" by Penny Harter

Penny’s beasties come to life through the illustrative talent of Alexandra Miller, who completely and superbly captures the essence of each character.

If you’re thinking, “Gosh, this would be such a unique and special book for my little (son or daughter, niece of nephew, grandchild, neighbor child)” then please don’t hesitate in introducing that special child you have in mind to the captivating antics of Penny Harter’s beasties.

The Beastie Book is available through Shenanigan Books, as well as and several other online book sellers.